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Geograph British Isles

Geograph British Isles :: Live Website
The main website!, go here if you not sure about the below options!
Geograph for Schools
Sistor site, tailored for education, same content, just presented different :: for Ireland
EXPERIEMENTAL - Highlighting Ireland Content - start of potential split
Torrent Downloads
Download and share the Geograph British Isles Image Archive via BitTorrent!
Database Dumps
Download and play with the entire Geograph British Isles Archive in your own MySQL database! (more)

Geograph Germany

Geograph for Germany!
Still a little rough around the edges, now covering the whole of Germany. English Language Version

Geograph Project - Worldwide

Geograph WorldWide Homepage
Central location for all things Geograph
Geograph Planet
Following Geograph in the Blogosphere with our blog aggregator!
SVN Repository (offsite backup)
Checkout your own copy of the code! - Overview
Code downloads
Access nightly downloads of Geograph source code - GPL Licenced
Preconfigured Development Virtual Machine
Quickstart method to get a fully configured running instance of Geograph - in minutes, downloadable as a torrent. More
SourceForge Project Page
We used to host on, still available, but only really for historical reference
Developer Minisite
trac, wiki, mailing list, and svn tools. Contact us if would like access
Geograph HUB -- this page!

Last Update: 10th Oct 2009 - added link to Database Dumps